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The Smart Choice Advantage: Program Elements


VehicleMRI - Special Introductory Offer!

Diagnose vehicle health in a matter of minutes and receive an extensive "health report" that can be used anytime, anywhere. Work smarter and save time. Boost Sales. Increase Profit.

Trifold (PDF)

Sales Sheet (PDF)
Special Introductory Rebate Offer
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Pronto NationWide Warranty

Nationwide Protection Plus Parts & Labor Warranty

As a Pronto Smart Choice Advantage member you will gain trust and confidence from your customers by offering the Protection Plus 24-Month / 24,000 mile (40 km) Parts and Labor Warranty. This is a limited reimbursement warranty for a consumer which covers the originally installed part(s) and labor associated with said part, up to the original dollar amount listed on the original invoice for 24-months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If a consumer is less than 25 miles from the Original Pronto Service Center, the consumer must return to the original service center for warranty repair. Service Center agrees to cover parts and labor at no charge to consumer for warranty replacement. Consumer pays for any non-warranty related parts and/or services.

If consumer is 25 miles or more from the Original Pronto Service Center, the consumer must call the Warranty Administrator to start a warranty claim prior to any work being performed.

Shop Poster (PDF) Warranty Cling (PDF) Countermat (PDF) Warranty TriFold (PDF) Warranty FAQ (PDF) Important InfoSheet (PDF) Warranty Terms (PDF)

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

For each qualifying repair you perform, show your customers you care about them and their vehicle with the added benefit of Roadside Assistance.

Customer must register the qualifying service or repair at within 30 days of such repair to receive a Roadside Assistance Reimbursement Pre-Approval Certificate. Roadside Assistance Reimbursement is good for one (1) reimbursement up to $90 towards a tow, jump-start, lock-out, flat tire or fuel service for one year from date of original qualifying service. This program is limited to the vehicle serviced at the time of the repair.


Roadside Asisstance Poster (PDF) Roadside Warranty Card (PDF) Roadside Assistance FAQ (PDF)



Auto IQ

Auto IQ

Delphi’s Auto IQ helps the service provider better explain needed repairs to customers resulting in more maintenance and repair services performed. It easily builds customer confidence in your service center and increases service retention and revenue. Service providers can show customers first-hand the need for repairs through detailed common vehicle systems diagrams while making technical terminology easier for the customer to understand. This tool is also excellent for training new technicians.

Synchrony Car Care Consumer Financing - CareCareOne is now Synchrony Car Care!

Synchrony Car Care Consumer Financing

Looking for a steadier stream of customers? Leverage Synchrony Car Care’s 6 and 12 month no interest promotions to create customer loyalty and a steady stream of repeat business. Customers will benefit from low minimum purchase requirements for no interest financing and flexible payment options. With each qualifying repair of $199 or more, your customers can receive 6-months no interest financing. 12-month no interest financing is also available.


Synchrony Brochure (PDF) Synchrony Bulletin (PDF)



Enterprise Car Rental Discounts

Enterprise Car Rental Discounts

For those repairs requiring an extended amount of time to complete, give your customer a certificate for a discount on an Enterprise Rental Car.
Pronto has teamed up with Enterprise to offer your customers savings on their car rental needs. As a Smart Choice program member, your customers can enjoy a great car at a special rate. And, pick-up is free! Your program start-up kit includes a bulk pack of certificates.


Enterprise Information (PDF)


MyFleetAware Telematics Monitoring

MyFleetAware Telematics Monitoring

MyFleetAware is an affordable, full featured system that makes it easier to manage a fleet more profitably. Your time is valuable and you need to know what your vehicles are doing at all times. That is why we have developed a powerful, easy-to-use platform that gives you the tools you need, such as in-depth diagnostics and robust vehicle maintenance features, to efficiently manage your fleet at a cost that fits your budget.

The device is installed into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port located under the vehicle dashboard. The system allows the in-vehicle device to communicate wirelessly via the Internet. It instantly gathers a wide range of information from a vehicle’s computer about how a vehicle is running and the way it is being driven. It can access a vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and is the only telematics system that reads manufacturer-specific maintenance and service schedules and reports the information you have specified securely via your email.



OneRoad Lending

OneRoad Lending

OneRoad Lending Flyer (PDF)

OneRoad Lending is the premier customer financing lender for the automotive industry that provides a low monthly payment for all customers (good credit to bad credit). OneRoad Lending is the fastest growing financing solution for credit challenged consumers, who may not otherwise be able to afford your products or services.

A few highlights of the OneRoad Lending finance option:

  • No merchant fees from OneRoad Lending...ever
  • No-risk merchant solution: no startup or enrollment costs, no monthly fees, no hidden fees, no equipment needed
  • 10 second Approvals up to $5,000
  • 100% merchant payment within 72 hours-guaranteed, no customer default risk
  • The most affordable monthly payment plan for your credit challenged customers
  • One of the highest customer approval rates in the industry
  • Increase sales & customer satisfaction

Act now to be up and running with OneRoad Lending today! We make it easy to enroll - call Mark at 775-636-8277 or email



Benefits for your Business

Shop Identification Program

Shop Identification Program

First impressions are everything. Smart Choice members will gain more visibility to motorist by displaying the Pronto Auto Service
brand identification tools. Pronto offers a number of exterior sign options and interior point-of-sale aids.


Bay Banners (PDF) 16" x 36" Metal Embossed Sign (PDF) Bay Banner Order Form (PDF) ShopID Intro Page (PDF)


Internet Business Card

Internet Business Card

Today’s consumers reach for their smart phones & computers more than ever when searching for repair shop options in their local markets. Pronto Smart Choice members will stand out-front with a custom internet business card.

When consumers visit, they will see the location finder for Pronto Service Centers by state or zip code. When consumers click on your shop name, your business card will appear listing your address, phone, shop hours, repair services, website and other key services and shop information.


Shop Management Solutions

Shop Management Solutions

Looking for a shop management system? Pronto Smart Choice members can receive a “new subscriber” offer from Mitchel1 and R.O. Writer.
The Mitchell1® Shop Management System allows shops to order parts electronically from their local Pronto Member at a discount (discounts
vary by quarter). In addition, the Mitchell1 TeamWorks feature will keep you connected to every customer that comes through the door.

The R.O. Writer Shop Management System allows you to take control of your business. This software centralizes your activities to improve communication and organization. In addition, improve key categories such as service writing, time management, inventory management, business management, accounting, profitability and more.



Identifx DirectHit

Direct-Hit by Identifix delivers all data, tools and information necessary to help automotive repair professionals run their shops as efficiently, accurately and profitably as possible, by allowing them to save shop time–every day and on every car. Using Direct-Hit means more cars, less time and increased performance of both the shop technicians and the shop as a whole.

Identifix Repair Hotline

Live technical assistance for professional shop owners and technicians seeking a trusted second opinion and additional expertise on tough vehicle issues. When you don’t have time to puzzle through a tough problem, the Identifix Repair Hotline is staffed by over 45 OE factory-trained ASE Master, L1 Carline Specialists waiting to help.

Direct Hit Brochure (PDF) Repair Hotline Brochure (PDF)


Federated Insurance

Federated Insurance

Receive valuable, custom designed insurance protection specifically tailored for automotive repair facilities through the Federated
Insurance program. Pronto has teamed up with Federated Insurance to offer shops a host of coverage options. Auto Parts Shield™ provides your business with coverages including blanket limit, property in transit, defective product and faulty work, and property off premises.

Pronto Smart Choice members receive discounted premiums. To learn more about how Federated Insurance can protect your business and property, go to


Unisource Capital

Unisource Capital

Unisource Capital is your single professional source for shop equipment leasing to fit your specific business situation.

Unisource provides quality leasing programs, low rates, and additional services unmatched by anyone in the industry. Unisource gives you a host of leasing solutions that work best for your business with the ultimate goal of making more money!

VehicleMRI - Special Introductory Offer!


Diagnose vehicle health in a matter of minutes and receive an extensive "health report" that can be used anytime, anywhere.

  • Work smarter and save time
  • Boost Sales
  • Increase Profit

Trifold (PDF) Sales Sheet (PDF)
Special Introductory Rebate Offer
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Training Opportunities

ASE Certification Test Reimbursement - Enter the PSC Master Technician of the Year Award

ASE Certification Test Reimbursement

Promote your knowledge, experience, skills and professionalism to customers by becoming ASE Certified.

To obtain ASE Certification, register for and take one or more of ASE’s 40-plus exams. The tests are grouped into specialties. After passing at least one exam and providing proof of two years of relevant work experience, the test taker becomes ASE Certified. Upon successfully achieving ASE Certification or Recertification, Pronto will reimburse the technician’s per test fees. To remain certified, those with ASE credentials must be retested every five years.

To claim your reimbursement, simply fill out the ASE Claim Form and return to your local Pronto supplier for certification. Please allow four
to six weeks for processing.

ASE Brochure & Claim Form (PDF) Enter the PSC Master Technician of the Year Award (PDF)


The Group Training Academy

The Group Training Academy

The Group Academy (Sponsored by Pronto) is a service center training website for automotive technicians, service advisors, and business owners with hundreds of hours of streaming content covering all aspects of your business. Diagnostic and technical training, selling and customer service skills, and business management training are all designed with the service center in mind. Our training approach offers online courses 24/7 through a variety of delivery methods including self-study courses, virtual classroom training, video on demand, and others.

You'll have access to current need-to-know topics for continuing education and skills development. In addition there are ASE test prep training courses to help you pass the tests and get certified. The Group Academy is a full Learning Management System (LMS) meaning as an owner/manager you will have full access to the site and each of your employee’s progress. Our system allows you to track, manage and report on the training progress of each of your employees. Take the guesswork out of training with The Group Training Academy.

Classes vary in length, delivery method and price. As a Pronto Smart Choice member you will receive discounts on all cost-based classes
for you and your entire shop.


RLO Training

RLO Training has provided training, coaching and support for the management of automotive shops since 1985. RLO is committed to making a profound impact on your business that improves RO, increases customer loyalty andenhances your business growth. Choose between two different training platforms, on-line or face-to-face; whichever suits your business need.

  • Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Impact Groups
  • Comprehension and Money-Back Guarantee

For workshop dates, times, and pricing, please visit

RLO Training Brochure (PDF)



Marketing & Promotional Tools

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Promote your services to area motorists with targeted direct mail. Direct mail marketing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways
to increase your business consistently throughout the year. You can attract new and existing local customers by offering specials on the services your business provides. As a Pronto Smart Choice member, you can take advantage of great rates on custom, professionally prepared direct mail cards.


Direct Mail Brochure (PDF) Full Color Postcards (PDF) Sample Postcard Front (PDF) Sample Postcard Back (PDF)


For more information on targeted consumer direct mail, please contact Pryor Marketing at 479-783-1904 or



Enhance your on-line reputation while retaining customers with automated e-mail and text communications using Demandforce. Demandforce allows you to reach out consistently to your customers through recurring e-mail and text messaging to confirm appointments, send promotions, alerts for consumer recalls, make vehicle specific recommendations and much more.

We take an award winning communication portfolio, with easy to use online reputation tools and our broad consumer network, to become the marketing team your business needs.


10FootWave Digital Menu Boards

10FootWave Digital Menu Boards

Bring your shop to the digital age with these highly effective service menu boards and waiting area solutions.

10FootWave™ Digital Menu Boards allow for a number of in-store benefits. Not only can shops promote their services and pricing, other features include the ability to call attention to in-store promotions, display the local weather, announce community events and many other types of relevant store and local information. Pronto Smart Choice members qualify for special discounts through 10FootWave™.


Journey Customer Retention Marketing

Customer Retention Marketing allows Pronto members to deploy automated, timely and effective marketing campaigns that drive measurable increases in:

  • Repeat Customer Visits
  • Customer Spend
  • Long-Term Customer Loyalty
  • Lifetime Customer Value

Aftermarket shops that use Journey Aftermarket have increased their customer retention rates by 70% or more, versus shops that do not engage in targeted, customer retention marketing. Download our Pronto Sales Sheet on Journey Adobe PDF format.

Bolt On Technology

Bolt On Technology

Bolt On Technology boosts the auto repair and shop management process with collection of automotive software solutions that enhance daily shop functionality and repeat business.

The service writer will have advanced notice of customer name, vehicle history and vehicle owners concerns before they ever enter the lobby. Once the service writer has inspected and determined the needed repair, estimates can be sent wirelessly direct to the customer for approval in an easy to read format.

Become more efficient and profitable with Bolt On Technology software tools. Pronto Smart Choice members receive special discounts.


On Hold Messaging

On Hold Messaging

OnHold Company provides you with skillfully crafted ads and the right audio image built around your brand, and tailored to make real connections with your calling customers. Choose the perfect on hold music and match it with the ideal voice at just the right tone and delivery.

Pronto Smart Choice members receive special pricing for this program.


Slip-N-Grip® Shop Supplies

Slip-N-Grip® Shop Supplies

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Impress your customers by showing how much you care for their vehicle with Slip-N-Grip vehicle protection products.

Slip-N-Grip has dozens of products such as floor mat protectors, seat covers, steering wheel covers, parts bags and more. Slip-N-Grip also has a service reminder label printer for printing generic or fully custom labels.


Oil Change Cling Order Form (JPG) Oil Change Printer Order Form (PDF) Slip-N-Grip Info Sheet (PDF)



Give your business a more professional and caring image with Slip-N-Grip vehicle protection products. For the complete list of products and ordering information, go to




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